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Amulet Descriptions

Mesem Keris (Small)  code 7

Bandung Bondowoso Mini Keris  code 11

The keris has powerful magickal powers! It builds-up an invisible fortress around User against all forms of psychic attack; it deflects magickal blows from a distance; it provides general protection; helps user to acquire respect from friend and foe; it builds-up powerful charisma in the user. 

Kanuragan Lembu Sewo Magickal Power code 26

The power builds up an invisible fortress around User for protection against physical attacks and ambushes; calls forth unexpected strength; the power weakens the strength of aggressors; activates the power voice-a single shout causes aggressors to scatter in fear.

Sosro Bhirowo Power code 99

Magickal talisman-virtues among others: protection against all physical threats, witchcraft, black magic; invulnerability to fire arms, sharp weapons; charisma; love-fascination; power punch; magickal punch; builds an invisible fortress around one's home; improves business; immobilizes enemies.

Aura Srikandhi code 134

Pemikat Sukma Talisman code 1


Please allow two weeks for delivery , powerful amulets from Indonesia from our very own shamen tracing his roots  600 years ago to powerful saints  the amulets are carefully prepared and super charged for their power.