• How would the Psychic Readings work?

    Pre- Paid Options for a reading with Aisha 
    You pick the package you wish to purchase. For the phone readings you have the option to pick the length of the reading. You would need to book a convenient time to receive your call back or if you prefer to call your psychic directly. You are advised to quote your transaction number, alternatively you get a call back to confirm your booking for your pre-paid phone reading. You email reading will be emailed to you within 24hours. Please allow 48hours. 

  • How do I know which service is suitable for me?

    Individuals who prefer to have a relaxed reading at home or in a comfortable space then the 'Pre-Paid Reading' options for either email/phone is the one for you. Being able to note down some key points in your reading or merely saving it in an Archived folder to open in your email later. 

    For the ones who prefer having instant responses and results, or have an emergency question, perhaps something just happened and you want re-assurance  

Please contact Aisha via the contact page for additional information regarding how to book