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Thank you for dropping by! Here at Nur Aisha, I pride myself on aiming to make sure each and every customer or curious visitor feels welcomed! I will endeavour to respond to any queries or questions you may have regarding my services!

Aisha, Psychic & Healer

A natural born psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and a healer. Aisha has been giving readings and healings for over 30 years working with angels and Divine source. She is remarkable at giving you details and has an ability to see beyond the surface that will validate her amazing connection and abilities.
Combining her lineage and ethereal experiences from an early age learning from global spiritual sources, she can tailor the reading to provide you the guidance and healing you need in matters of the heart, home and work. Aisha's gift has catapulted her onto the world stage of psychic readings, allowing her to assist an array of international clients. Aisha is a spiritual teacher, author and mystic.

Aisha had a life changing divine experience, that lifted the veils from her eyes and drew her into the spiritual realm of angels. She has been an established psychic, healer and medium for 25 years. Her gift has taken her all over the world. She has a wealth of spiritual knowledge that she has drawn from mystic encounters with Sufi saints in the Sudanese desert and she is a fully qualified teacher of the sufi mystical esoteric sciences in the Qadiriya and Rumi schools of mysticism, and a qualified Sufi master.

Available Services 

- Psychic Readings. In depth insight into your past, present and future shedding light on general and specific areas of your life. Aisha connects straight into your soul's curriculum and provides the clearest most accurate information for you to heal, thrive and realign with your highest life

-Angelic Healing. Realigns your chakras and fuses your DNA with divine energy. Emits tremendous amounts of healing and spiritual energies flooding you with light, creating an overall sense of wholeness and deep wellbeing.

-Angel Cards/Love readings

- Removal of curses and dark energy with angelic realm

- Healing love relationships

- Opening luck and abundance

All other treatment, are available upon request and require deep spiritual work, to remove & recover from, Aisha has a strong potential to help you work on those matters from a place of integrity and love.

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